She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina


Released March, 1971, Vanguard Records

Track list:

All songs composed by Buffy Sainte-Marie unless otherwise indicated.

Side One:
1. Rollin’ Mill Man (Gerry Goffin, Russ Titleman)
2. Smack Water Jack (Gerry Goffin, Carol King)
3. Sweet September Morning
4. She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina
5. Bells (Leonard Cohen)
6. Helpless (Neil Young)

Side Two:
1. Moratorium
2. The Surfer (Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ariel Gonzales, Carlos Pardeiro)
3. Song of the French Partisan (Anna Marly, Hy Zaret)
4. Soldier Blue
5. Now You’ve Been Gone For a Long Time

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