The Pathfinder — Buried Treasures

The Mid-1970s Recordings


Released 2010, Gypsy Boy Records/True North

All songs composed by Buffy Sainte-Marie, unless otherwise noted.

Track listing:
Disc One:

1. Generation
2. Sweet Little Vera
3. Hong Kong Star Boy
4. Look At The Facts
5. Sweet, Fast Hooker Blues
6. Nobody Will Ever Know It’s Real But You
(Norbert Putnam & Buffy Sainte-Marie)
7. Eagle Man / Changing Woman
8. You Take Me Away
9. Starwalker (For the American Indian Movement)
10. All Around The World
11. I’ve Really Fallen For You
12. Love’s Got to Breathe and Fly
13. A Man
14. I Can’t Take It No More (John Hall)
15. Sweet January
16. Can’t You See The Way I Love You
17. Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan
18. Mongrel Pup

Disc Two:

1. I Been Down
2. The Beauty Way
3. Where Poets Go
4. That’s The Way You Fall In Love
5. Hey! Baby Howdja Do Me This Way?
6. Don’t Need No City Life
7. Wynken, Blynken & Nod (words:Eugene Field, music:Buffy Sainte-Marie)
8. Can’t Believe The Feeling When You’re Gone
9. Free The Lady (Barry Greenfield)
10. Sweet America (Barry Greenfield)
11. Honey Can You Hang Around
12. Waves
13. America My Home
14. Ain’t No Time For Worryin’ Blues
15. ‘Til I See You Again (Jusqu Au Je Te Revois)

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