Fire and Fleet and Candlelight


Released July 1967, Vanguard Records

Track listing:

Side One:
1. The Seeds of Brotherhood (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
2. Summer Boy (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
3. The Circle Game (Joni Mitchell)
4. Lyke Wake Dirge (Words Traditional, music by Benjamin Britten)
5. Song To A Seagull (Joni Mitchell)
6. Doggett’s Gap (Bascom Lamar Lunsford, arr. Buffy Sainte-Marie)
7. The Wedding Song (Buffy Sainte-Marie)

Side Two:
1. 97 Men in This Here Town Would Give Half a Grand in Silver
(Buffy Sainte-Marie)
2. Lord Randall (Arr. Buffy Sainte-Marie)
3. The Carousel (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
4. T’es Pas Un Autre (Buffy Sainte-Marie, French translation by Claude Gauthier)
5. Little Boy Dark Eyes (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
6. Reynardine – A Vampire Legend (Arr. Buffy Sainte-Marie)
7. Hey, Little Bird (Buffy Sainte-Marie)

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